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Using technology to multiply life-saving ministries globally

Our Mission

Life Equip Global responds to the multiplication of abortion worldwide by encouraging the creation of life-saving ministries. The outcome is ministries created and equipped to help save babies from abortion, lives healed from past abortions and the lost won to Christ.

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Our Efforts

Life Equip helps create self-sustaining, life-saving ministries globally that empower people to choose life for their babies. We utilize technology to help these ministries multiply in models that are cost-effective and life-giving to their communities. Life Equip has many methods and models to help build pregnancy ministries worldwide.

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Join Us

You can help us create ministries globally that are self-sustaining, Christ-sharing and life-affirming. Together, we can help ministries grow so they can help people choose life for their babies and heal individuals from the harm of abortion. We can collaborate with like-minded international ministries and help them see the Gospel of Christ shared globally.

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You Can Help Save Lives

It is estimated that there are as many as 56 million abortions annually. This also represents 56 million men and women being impacted by abortion’s devastating effects, most of whom don’t know Jesus as their Savior. This creates a tremendous opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The reality of a global abortion holocaust combined with our desire to obey and serve God and expand the Kingdom of God has driven the need to start a new international ministry. Will you join our mission today?