Message at Church on the Ranch


There are many ways that we can give. This includes giving of your: – Time– Talent– Treasure Most of us think of Treasure – money when we think of giving. As we mature as Christians we grow to realize that we don’t give money ONLY because we are told to. And that isn’t all we … Continued


There are facts, opinions, statistics – and then there is Truth. Facts and statistics can be manipulated to fit the opinion of the one who is trying toconvince others of a certain point of view. Opinions can be stated so forcefully that they seem like facts. People are often confused, manipulated or led astray by … Continued

If We Have the Ability We have the Responsibility

When a bully beats up a child, or when a man is raping a woman, or when defenseless babies are being murdered, or when a tyrant is dropping bombs on innocent civilians – WE MUST ACT. If we have the ability to act, then we have the responsibility to act. If we don’t, aren’t we … Continued


For so many years “experts” have been warning of the disaster awaiting the world due to ‘overpopulation’. They were wrong. Dead wrong. In fact over 20 Western countries are experiencing negative population growth. Soon most of the world will follow. This means that due to: Young people not getting married or getting married late in … Continued

When Does Life Begin?

Society has declared that we can define who is or is not a person, giving us the ability to eliminate those unwanted or unplanned pregnancies by killing these ‘non-persons’ by entering the womb and dismembering thedeveloping child. We have also decided which elderly people should and shouldn’t live. Instead of calling it murder we call … Continued

No Time to Hide

Today there are protests going on in the streets of the United States. Some of the protests have turned into chaos with burning and looting becoming commonplace. People on both sides of the political divide are taking sides and using their words like weapons, being all too willing to “cast the first stone”. The solution … Continued

The Further We Reach Out

Reaching Out

When I was 17 years old I travelled with an international singing group called Up With People. Students from 30 countries were involved. One of the songs we performed was The Further We Reach Out (The Closer We Become). The message is simple – the more we go outside of ourselves to care about others, … Continued

A Global Life-saving Response

For The World

As I write this Blog in early April in the U.S. we are entering the second month of a drastic response by Federal, State and local governments to control the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Sports events are cancelled, restaurants are closed, planes are grounded, gatherings are limited to no more than 50, and in … Continued

Defeating Goliath

David fighting Goliath

When David faced Goliath, he chose a sling over a sword. He changed the paradigm and turned a weakness, his size, into his advantage using skill and agility. He defeated an enemy who had overwhelming strength and size.  Goliath was a literal giant, but he represents the giants we face in our lives. Giants are … Continued

Our Call to Respond to the Global Abortion Holocaust

I tried not stepping on too much horse manure this morning as I went to feed the horses. That is, after I fed the goats and the chickens. This is part of our daily ritual. Doing chores on our small ranch connects us to the circle of life. Who is “us”? Well, last year my … Continued