What We Do

We provide Life Advocate Training to groups of pastors and church leaders. Any Christian leader around the world with a phone, an iPad or a laptop can be equipped with training so they can be prepared to help save the life of an unborn baby while sharing the Gospel of Christ. Our focus is providing high quality and effective on-line training and resources on the sanctity of human life to believers around the world. The Life Advocate Training is offered on Zoom once a week for one hour and takes a number of weeks to complete.

How It Works

  • Start by reading the 13 articles under Becoming a Lifegiver found under Resources
  • Successfully complete on-line Life Advocate Training
  • Use your training to share Christ and the value of life with those considering abortion
  • Share stories of lives saved and lives transformed with Life Equip Global

Desired Outcomes of Life Advocate Training

  • An army of equipped life-savers and Life Advocate trainers
  • God’s truth, hope and love shared internationally
  • Lives won to Christ
  • Lives saved from abortion
  • Lives healed from consequences of abortion
  • Families created
  • New Christians engaged and growing in local churches
  • Countries embracing the sanctity of human life
  • The message of Christ and life multiplied around the world

Your Donation Changes Lives