Introduction to Ministry Resources

Welcome to this introduction to the resources of Life Equip Global. The global abortion holocaust that kills tens of millions of babies around the world every year presents a world-wide opportunity to save millions of lives from abortion and bring countless numbers of hurting women and men to Christ.

Life Equip Global equips followers of Christ with life-saving resources so that they can be prepared to help save the life of an unborn baby – while sharing the Gospel of Christ. From Armenia to Zimbabwe Satan is using abortion to destroy the lives of innocent babies growing in their mothers wombs. Proverbs 24:11 commands us to “Rescue those being led to slaughter”. Life Equip Global exists to help create an army of Christ-followers who are prepared to respond to the Global Abortion Holocaust with the Gospel of Life.

  1. Our training starts with a series on Becoming a Life-Giver. These thirteen articles will provide you with a Biblical and educational foundation on the sanctity of human life.
  2. Next you should strongly consider taking our Life Advocate Training which will prepare you to come alongside someone considering abortion and help her see the many benefits in choosing life and choosing Christ.
  3. Finally we have shared various Pregnancy Ministry Models which could be a great help to Church leaders who are wondering what a possible next step may be after taking the Life Advocate Training.

Our Resource Library has a wide variety of Links to Christian organizations that can provide you with information on many topics that are crucial for arming yourself with the education necessary to deal with a variety of issues related to saving babies lives and helping those who have been wounded to heal from past abortions. We are glad that you have found Life Equip Global and are excited that if you go through our training process you will be equipped to spread the message of Christ, hope and life to your community. Together we can respond to the Global Abortion Holocaust with the powerful word of God and see countless lives saved and won to Christ

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