Life Advocate Training

The goal of Life Advocate Training is to equip the Church to respond to the Global
Abortion Holocaust. We equip Christian leaders so they can respond to a person
who is considering abortion with words of life, and so they can train others.

Global estimates calculate 73 million babies were killed through abortion. The Church is
the only institution able to respond to this Global Abortion Holocaust.

Life Advocate Training provides a live, interactive training experience online – using Zoom – to
Christian Pastors and leaders to equip them to help young women (and men) choose
Christ for themselves and life for their babies.

This training is free, Bible-based, powerful, and effective.

After you have completed Life Advocate Training, you will receive a Life Advocate Training certificate. This certificate confirms you are prepared to help those considering killing their babies through abortion choose life and teach Life Advocate Training to others.

You will become a life-saver!

Qualifications For Training

To receive the training, interested Pastors must:
● Speak English
● Have a phone or other device that can connect to the internet
● Have access to the internet
● Be committed to completing the training
The Life Advocate Training is done once a week for one hour and may take 16 weeks
or longer depending on how long each session is.

Desired Outcomes of Life Advocate Training

  • An army of equipped life-savers and Life Advocate trainers
  • God’s truth, hope and love shared internationally
  • Lives won to Christ
  • Lives saved from abortion
  • Lives healed from consequences of abortion
  • Families created
  • New Christians engaged and growing in local churches
  • Countries embracing the sanctity of human life!

Life Advocate Training Application

Send completed application to

After reviewing your application someone will reach out to you with a training date and how to connect using Zoom. This may take several weeks. Thank you for being willing to be equipped to save and transform lives. We are excited for what the Lord has in store for you and the lives that will be saved due to your faithfulness!

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