Pregnancy Ministry Models

After reading all the articles in the Becoming a Life-giver section and after taking the Life Advocate Training you might be thinking to yourself, “What’s my next step”? We strongly recommend that you and your prayer partners take some time – a day, a week, a month – to seek the Lord in prayer. Read the Word, and listen closely to what the Lord is asking you to do. Then if you feel led to respond to the Global Abortion Holocaust in your community or Country, read and become familiar with all the Pregnancy Ministry Models found in this section.

These models are listed from the simplest model, that one person can do by themselves, all the way to a Medical Pregnancy Center. When you click on each model you will find a brief explanation of the model. The Model that will suit you best will depend on your calling and passion to accomplish the mission, the needs of your community, and the people and resources available to accomplish your dream.

We strongly recommend you start with a simple model that requires little or no financial support and which you and some of your friends can do together. Some of the more advanced models, like a Traditional Pregnancy Center or a Medical Pregnancy Center, may be perfect for a ministry, a church or a group of churches to undertake – especially if you live in an area where abortions are prevalent and there is a good public transportation system. Feel free to reach out to us at Life Equip Global at or with questions or for suggestions.

Models of Pregnancy Center Ministry

Life Advocate
Church-Based Life Advocate
Pregnancy Center Life Advocate
Church-Based Pregnancy Ministry
Church-Based Pregnancy Center
Traditional Pregnancy Center
Medical Pregnancy Center
Pregnancy Center in a Medical facility
Mobile Pregnancy Center

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