Church-Based Pregnancy Ministry or Center

A Church-based Pregnancy Ministry (CBPC) is a Pregnancy ministry that is created as an outreach of an individual church. Since a Church-based Pregnancy ministry is providing Christian ministry, the most important duty it has is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity while encouraging those facing an unwanted pregnancy to choose life. 

The CPBM may be located on church property or may have its own independent office or location located off church property. The CBPM is supported by the individual church which provides the following: 

  • A ministry location 
  • Volunteers for administrative and counseling duties
  • Prayer cover 
  • Equipment 
  • Finances for material and all other expenses
  • Compensation for staff (if appropriate)

A Church-based Pregnancy Ministry will (usually) minister using volunteer staff and Client Advocates. Life Equip Global can refer you to various ministries who can provide training to Client Advocates in a CBPM. Church Based Pregnancy Ministry leadership are encouraged to report their contacts with abortion-minded women – and the outcomes – to Life Equip Global. Life Equip Global and other pro-life ministries will provide on-going encouragement, equipping and education to Church-based Pregnancy Center leadership.

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