How We Do It

The Pregnancy Center Model

While the traditional Pregnancy Center model has yielded great results helping women choose life for their preborn babies, this model involves significant expenses. These expenses include a mortgage or lease payment, personnel costs, supplies, medical equipment and furniture and other monthly recurring expenses. Pregnancy centers often offer medical services, which requires specially trained staff. A Board of Directors is usually needed as well as becoming a non-profit or non-governmental organization (NGO). In a pregnancy center the volunteer Client Advocate (or volunteer counselor) is the person who most often meets and interacts with the woman considering an abortion.

The Life Equip Global Pregnancy Ministry Model

The most important thing that happens in a Pregnancy Center is that two people connect in a counseling room. One – the client – has a great need, and one – the Client Advocate – has a great heart. When you add the Holy Spirit to the equation, miraculous things happen. With the right training and tools what occurs between those two people in a counseling room can happen anywhere – a church building, a coffee shop, a school yard, or while sitting on the grass – without the need for a building. This is the Life Equip Global model.

Life Equip Global has had a true break-through in how to multiply Christ-centered, life-saving ministries globally. Utilizing HopeSync Global – a website that uses cutting edge technology –  we can train believers around the world with all the tools necessary to become a Client Advocate and save lives right outside their front door. They can be equipped to minister to a stranger, a friend or a family member considering abortion at their church, school, or at their place of work.

This is done utilizing three distinct tools – LifePac, HopeSync Global and a Smartphone. LifePac is a pregnancy center in a backpack. It contains all the resources an individual needs to minister to a person in an unplanned pregnancy. HopeSync Global is a website designed to share all the information a person in a crisis pregnancy may need. The only other tool needed is a smart phone, which are owned by people all over the world.

With our LifePac we equip the individual with many of the initial resources necessary to minister to a pregnant woman. Using the smart phone as the content distribution system for HopeSync, we have the potential of equipping tens of thousands of Christians around the world and setting them free to share Christ and save lives. 

By using technology to train and equip members of the Body of Christ we can bring the message of life to a hurting world in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Based on the capability of the individual, church or ministry we are partnering with, and the needs of the community, Life Equip Global may recommend one of the following ministry models.

Pregnancy Ministry Models

  • Life Equip Global International Client Advocate
    • Individuals trained to use Hope Sync to provide hope, education and the Gospel
  • Church-Based Client Advocate Initiative 
    • Trained Client Advocates serving in their church or ministry
  • Church-Based Pregnancy Ministry or Pregnancy Center
    • A Pregnancy Center under a church umbrella
  • Stand alone Pregnancy Center supported by various churches
    • The traditional Pregnancy Center model
  • Medical, Self-sustaining, Pregnancy Center
    • Medical Hospital, Clinic or Pregnancy Center offering services for a fee that makes free services for the abortion-minded patient possible

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