Medical Pregnancy Center

Medical Pregnancy Centers provide most of the services provided by Traditional Pregnancy Centers but also provide additional Medical services. Since a Medical Pregnancy Center is providing Christian ministry, the most important duty it has is to – lovingly and with respect – share the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity to those they serve while encouraging women facing an unwanted pregnancy to choose life. 

Medical Pregnancy Centers usually are ministries located in a leased or owned building, facility or office space. A Medical Pregnancy Center could also be located inside an existing Medical Facility or Hospital. In most Medical models the staff is compensated financially. In addition a Medical Center employs medically trained staff which may include Nurses and Doctors. Some Medical Centers also use volunteer Medical staff. In addition to a leadership team or staff, Pregnancy Centers usually engage the use of volunteers to assist in a variety of ways. This includes assisting with administrative functions and ministering to clients. 

In addition to the services provided by Traditional Pregnancy Centers, Medical Pregnancy Centers may also provide: 

● Sonograms 

● Prenatal care 

● STD Testing 

● Well women care 

● PAP Smears 

● Breast Exams 

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