Becoming a Life Giver

I was only 26 years old when I read a book by Dr. Francis Schaeffer called Whatever Happened to the Human Race? It was all about the Sanctity of Human Life and it changed my life. I was a young Christian, recently married and my wife and I were pregnant with our first of five children. When the book opened my eyes to the reality of abortion, I was horrified, and my wife and I cried out to God to use us in some way to help fight the Global Abortion Holocaust. We are now entering our 37th year of serving in the mission field created by abortion. As you read the information in this section called Becoming a Life-Giver, my prayer is that these articles will impact you like I was first impacted, and help you begin your journey of Becoming a Life-Giver. It is important that you read each article fully and in the order in which they were written.

I pray the Holy Spirit guides you on your journey of Becoming a Life-Giver and becoming more like our Heavenly Father who is the ultimate Life-Giver.

In Christ and For Life,
Raul Reyes
President and Founder – Life Equip Global

1 – The Global Abortion Holocaust
2 – The Sanctity of Human Life
3 – International Abortion Statistics
4 – Satan – The Adversary of Life
5 – Sexuality and the Church
6 – Abortion and the Church
7 – Sex, Sin and the Supremacy of Christ
8 – The Miracle of Life
9 – The Truth About Abortion
10 – The Role of Men and Women in Abortion
11 – The Power of Forgiveness
12 – The Life Giving Church
13 – A Time For Action

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