Traditional Pregnancy Center

Traditional Pregnancy Centers usually are ministries located in a leased or owned building, facility or office space. Since a Traditional Pregnancy Centers is providing Christian ministry, the most important duty it has is to – lovingly and with respect – share the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity and encourage those facing an unwanted pregnancy to choose life. 

Pregnancy Centers are usually designated as NGOs or Non-profit organizations and usually have a Board of Directors who provide leadership and guidance. They are often supported by a combination of individual donors, churches, grants and sometimes government funds. Pregnancy Centers are staffed by a leadership team, usually consisting of a Center Director and – depending on the size of the ministry and the number of clients they minister to – additional staff. 

In most Pregnancy Center models the staff is compensated financially, but some Pregnancy Centers use all volunteers – including staff. In addition to a leadership team or staff, Pregnancy Centers usually engage the use of volunteers to assist in a variety of ways. This includes assisting with administrative functions and ministering to clients. 

Most Pregnancy Centers offer all their services free of charge to the women they serve. Pregnancy Center services may include:

  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Education on pregnancy, abortion and adoption 
  • Childbirth and parenting classes 
  • Mentoring mothers and fathers
  • Post-abortive recovery groups 
  • Referrals 
  • Emergency assistance such as diapers, formula, and maternity and baby clothing

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