There are many ways that we can give. This includes giving of your:

– Time
– Talent
– Treasure

Most of us think of Treasure – money when we think of giving. As we mature as Christians we grow to realize that we don’t give money ONLY because we are told to. And that isn’t all we have to give. We have Time, Talent and other things.

In 2 Kings the woman cried out to Elisha because she had nothing. He asked her “what do you have”. “Nothing” she said. “Just a little oil.” Elisha blessed her and her oil was greatly multiplied.

When Jesus spoke to 5,000 people, the people were hungry and He asked His disciples “What do you have?” They told him “a couple of fishes and some loaves of bread” He blessed the bread and fed 5,000 – and there were baskets left over.

You may not have much, but what do you have? Time? Talent? Treasure? Give it to the Lord, and watch him multiply it.

Mature believers are joyful in their giving. We delight in knowing we can partner in seeing the Kingdom of God expanded by investing in Kingdom work.

We also realize that we are just stewards of everything in our possession.  Nothing we ‘own’ belongs to us. It ALL belongs to God. So to be generous with what we have is really to be generous with what belongs to God.

A simple principle is “you can’t outgive God”.

Your giving should be led by the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  Don’t focus primarily on giving a certain amount or a certain percentage. Focus instead on growing a generous heart that understands that everything we own belongs to the Lord.

Give generously of your Time, Talent and Treasure – and you, your family and your community will be blessed.

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