Our Call to Respond to the Global Abortion Holocaust

I tried not stepping on too much horse manure this morning as I went to feed the horses. That is, after I fed the goats and the chickens. This is part of our daily ritual. Doing chores on our small ranch connects us to the circle of life. Who is “us”? Well, last year my wife Chris and I and our special needs son Michael bought a small 5 acre ranch with our daughter, her husband and her three children. I guess it’s a dream of every grandparent to live close to their children and grandchildren. And we live REALLY close. As in upstairs – and they have the downstairs. But we spend most of the time we’re home together. Our three other children live within minutes of us and we get to see all of our seven grandchildren pretty much weekly. We are a blessed family.

As this is my first blog, I thought I’d share a little about me, my family, my passion for the Lord and my passion for life. In the future I  will be sharing stories, trips I’ve had, dreams we can share and challenges we face. I will tell you about the Global Abortion Holocaust and how the Lord is responding through His people. I hope you will find this blog educational, informative and challenging. It will also (hopefully) be heartwarming and

Chris and I were called to respond to the Global Abortion Holocaust after reading a book by Dr. Francis Schaeffer called Whatever Happened to the Human Race? That was 38 years ago. That book changed our lives. Soon after reading that book – which explained the attack on the sanctity of human life – we helped start the Pregnancy Center of Pinellas County in Florida (now called New Life Solutions). We started in a 700 square foot leased location with a $40,000 a year budget. That was in 1987.

Since then we’ve been privileged to lead Pregnancy Centers in Florida, Michigan, Colorado and Arizona. We have been leaders in international ministries that have helped start pregnancy centers around the world, and have taught hundreds of Pastors about what the Bible says about the sanctity of human life.

Our heart has been and continues to be a desire to see the lost won to Christ and babies saved from the horror of abortion.

I hope you will join us in this journey of becoming Life-Givers – as we seek to be more like our Lord Jesus Christ every day.

In Christ and For Life,


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