When Does Life Begin?

Society has declared that we can define who is or is not a person, giving us the ability to eliminate those unwanted or unplanned pregnancies by killing these ‘non-persons’ by entering the womb and dismembering the
developing child.

We have also decided which elderly people should and shouldn’t live. Instead of calling it murder we call it ‘Assisted Suicide’.

Now society says we can define our own gender and will even use Doctors to assist you in mutilating your body.

This unimaginable evil that has been set loose on the world – behind all of which is Satan – must be responded to by a Church filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, reflecting the attributes of Jesus and stepping forth as adopted sons and daughters of the King of Kings.

This is why Life Equip Global exists – to equip the Church with the knowledge found in the word of God that we not only should respond to these issues – but we are commanded to respond. The Bible tells us God
made man in His image. It tells us You Shall Not Kill. And it tells us Rescue those (people) being led to slaughter.

Does the Bible include the preborn when it says He made us in His image? To answer that we must also answer the question “What is a person”? “When do we become a person?” And “When does life begin?” A person is defined simply as ‘a human being – a homo sapien – regarded as an individual.’ When does the life of a person begin? Science shows us without a doubt that the beginning of a person’s life begins at conception. The creation of a human being, the beginning of life, the beginning of aperson, is one of God’s most amazing miracles. At the moment of conception, a unique person—body, soul and spirit—comes into existence. An egg and a sperm unite, each with 23 chromosomes combine to create one cell—the beginning of new life. Everything that will define that person in the future, sex, height, health, intelligence, etc. is included in those 46 chromosomes. That person is absolutely unique in every aspect. Never before and never again will a person exist like the one just created.

The question “When does a fetus or a preborn baby become a person” can best be rephrased into the question “When do we stop becoming a Person?” If a preborn child in the womb is not a human being, then what is it? When is a human being not a person? If we know that human life begins at conception, and this fact has unarguable scientific backing, when does a human being begin to be a person, if not at the beginning? The answer is clearly we became a person when we began to exist—at conception.

There is no morally significant difference between the fetus or embryo that you once were and the person that you are today. If you are a person when you are born, with every right imbued by law, including the right to life, then how could you possibly not be a person one minute before you are born? Or one month? Or nine months? How does being inside your mother’s uterus make you less of a person than being outside of her uterus?

Pastor Robert Creech has stated, “Two things will be true of every human being you and I encounter (this includes every child in the womb): This is one who bears the image of God; and this is one for whom Christ died. These two truths mark human life as sacred, holy and precious.” Every person’s life begins at conception. And because every person is made in the image of God, and because Christ died for all of us, – including every child in the womb – our life is not our own, it is sacred and has been bought with a price. It is our duty to protect and defend innocent life – especially those persons growing inside their mothers womb.

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