A Global Life-saving Response

For The World

As I write this Blog in early April in the U.S. we are entering the second month of a drastic response by Federal, State and local governments to control the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Sports events are cancelled, restaurants are closed, planes are grounded, gatherings are limited to no more than 50, and in some cases, no more than 10 people. While the number of deaths are currently relatively low, the potential for millions of deaths looms before us. This Coronavirus pandemic has countries around the world reacting aggressively to minimize its’ spread. There is a global life-saving response underway. 


Because in so doing, we will save lives. So far over 87,800 people have died around the world. There are forecasts that say that number is expected to rise dramatically and catastrophically. The people most at risk of dying from this disease are the elderly. We are doing this to save their lives. Because human lives matter. Whether young or old. 

While governments are reacting proactively to save lives, people around the world are reacting with fear. Grocery stores are being stripped of vital supplies as people hoard large quantities of food and resources. In doing so they prevent their neighbors from having the supplies they need to survive. This is NOT how we love our neighbors. Especially as Christians, we should respond without fear.

A fearful world needs a Church without fear

This is the time for Christians to demonstrate what it means to love your neighbor. Unlike those who live in fear because of what is happening, we should not be the one’s hoarding supplies – we should be the ones knocking on our neighbors doors and asking if we can share what we have with them.

While we fight the Coronavirus pandemic, there is another ‘Pandemic’ going on. It’s what we call a Global Abortion Holocaust. With approximately 50 million babies being dismembered by abortion annually, isn’t it time we had a global life-saving response to the Global Abortion Holocaust?

The life saving material Life Equip Global is creating – especially the focus on accessing life saving information online –  is even more relevant now with the need for so many to avoid gathering in groups. Through Life Equip Global we can equip tens of thousands of believers around the world so that they will be what we call Life Advocates – trained and equipped to defend life by meeting one on one or sharing through phones or on-line. 

After this Coronavirus pandemic is over, we will return to normal. Perhaps to a new normal. But the killing of innocent babies will continue. Unless we respond to the Global Abortion Holocaust with the same intensity of purpose that we have responded to the Coronavirus crisis, the children will continue to die. The governments of this world have shown that they will not respond to the slaughter of the innocents. In fact, they are the ones encouraging the spread of abortion. It is the Church, the Body of Christ that is called to respond to this killing of babies in the womb. You can start your life-saving journey with Life Equip Global by giving of your Time, Talent or Treasure. The vision the Lord has set before us – to encourage, engage and equip believers throughout the world through technology – is huge and will require the gifts and talents of many to turn this vision into a reality.

Pray for the end of the spread of the Coronavirus, but join us in a life-saving response against the Global Abortion Holocaust. Together we can start a life-giving ‘virus’ – a new movement that will spread hope, life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every corner of the world. 

In Christ and For Life,

Raul Reyes

President and Founder

Life Equip Global

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