A Global Life-saving Response

For The World

As I write this Blog in the middle of March, in the U.S. we are entering the second week of a drastic response by Federal, State and local governments to control the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Sports events are cancelled, restaurants are closed, planes are grounded, gatherings are limited to no more than 50, … Continued

Defeating Goliath

David fighting Goliath

When David faced Goliath, he chose a sling over a sword. He changed the paradigm and turned a weakness, his size, into his advantage using skill and agility. He defeated an enemy who had overwhelming strength and size.  Goliath was a literal giant, but he represents the giants we face in our lives. Giants are … Continued

Our Call to Respond to the Global Abortion Holocaust

I tried not stepping on too much horse manure this morning as I went to feed the horses. That is, after I fed the goats and the chickens. This is part of our daily ritual. Doing chores on our small ranch connects us to the circle of life. Who is “us”? Well, last year my … Continued